Kou (Sterling Callender) - previously called Fakekou - is a superb global citizen with versatile faculties in art, fashion, music, and design, accompanying an unparalleled perspective on the ultimate Caribbean experience. His extensive international exposure has given him a unique outlook on life, enabling him to make multifaceted contributions to humanity. Kou is an ardent admirer of exceptional mentors in his community, having crossed paths with legendary Caribbean pioneers such as Dr. Lord Nelson, Calypso Rose, and other inspiring figures. Kou's artistic abilities are a testament to his love for life, affection for culture, and admiration for beauty. His stimulating interactions with others reflect his exceptional thought leadership and profound solutions, inspiring people to unlock their potential and achieve the best from within. Kou's brand is impactful, breaking down barriers and uniting people from each corner of the globe. His universal message resonates with diverse audiences, celebrating cultural diversity and embracing inclusivity. His approach is visionary, as he transcends language and geographical barriers to foster a sense of global connection and understanding. His art reaches far and wide, cultivating a potent acquaintance with unity among people from different backgrounds and walks of life. Kou firmly believes that his art has the power to change the world by bringing people together and creating a better future. He is fully committed to his vision, and his unwavering dedication inspires us all to strive for a more connected and inclusive world. Embracing the privilege of being a cultural ambassador for the Caribbean, I will portray the rich and diverse heritage fostering its art and traditions worldwide. I am committed to embodying the spirit of the Caribbean and showcasing its invaluable contributions to the world. Through the universal language of art, I will strive to bridge cultural divides and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the unique cultural identity of the Caribbean. I understand that this role demands my unwavering dedication, passion, and respect for the people and history of the Caribbean. I am thrilled to embrace this title and share the vibrant and colorful tapestry of the Caribbean with the world. I aspire to stimulate others towards celebrating and cherishing its cultural legacy.


The artist's catalog of work spans various genres, including Afrobeats, Soca, Calypso, and pop. Their vibrant and expressive, using sound to paint the essence of nature and the human experience,


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